Places of interest in the immediate neighbourhood



In the immediate neighbourhood of the campsite are many unspoiled areas where it is possible to walk and unwind such as :
 - The Lake of Harcelles (dug in the forest by the monks of the Abbey of Saint Bertin);
 - The Lake of Malhove (a protected natural park considered to be very wild);
 - The Lake of Beauséjour (cut in two by a dike);
 - The three Arc-en-ciel Lakes (ideal for trout fishing );

And not forgetting the Forest of Rihoult-Clairmarais (the proverbial green lung of the
Audomarais Region with two thirds in the territory of Arques) or the Public Garden
 (a tranquil space in the centre of the town).




To take the best advantage of the heritage (natural and man-made) of Arques try the three walking routes round Arques :
 - The Fontinettes Path (9.4 Km / 2½ hours) mainly based on the natural wealth of the commune.
 - The tour through the streets (4.5 Km / 1½ hours) having history and the former buildings of Arques as its theme.
 - The tour of sustainable development (4.5 Km / 1½ hours) based, as the name indicates, on the undertakings by the commune on ecological matters.



Note that there are several guide posts in the town.
There are also several tourist attractions in Arques such as :

  - A tourist train that takes you to Lumbres using a “Picasso” railcar of the 1950s.

Not forgetting a tour of the works of ARC International - a world leader for tableware.



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